She was born and raised in Moldova, a small eastern European country, and came to America at the age of eleven.

Though her creative endeavors are influenced by her eastern European roots and American upbringing, she attributes her creativity to the Source of all creativity, and lives the philosophy of the beloved teacher Eckhart Tolle: “I am awareness, disguised as a person.” After a decade of self-inquiry and non-dual practices that have dismantled the main knot of “suffering,” she also does inner-peace coaching. For more information, go to her website.

Paul McCarty sings and plays guitar and harmonica. He was raised in a musical family in New Orleans. Son of a composer/music professor and a singer/voice teacher, he became a music composition major at Loyola University of New Orleans and has written some scores for independent films and other productions.

Paul's been a spiritual agnostic since his high-school days (prior to that, a Catholic altar-boy). More recently he's been practicing yoga, including some meditation and kundalini. But since meeting Marina, he's been opening up to non-dual awareness. He enjoys brussel sprouts and chocolate, but not together.



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